Coach Manny Vazquez

Coach Manny is available for in-person coaching in the Orange County, California area.  He specializes in online coaching and his clients really enjoy his training style.

Offering custom coaching and nutrition programs Manny is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.  Whether you are looking for a short term boost or a long-term fitness and wellness plan, 

Coach Manny is a great choice to help you reach your goals!  

This is our introductory level training program which included a personalized weekly training program. 

Pick up heavy objects. Put down heavy objects.  Repeat.  

This full-body program is designed for clients looking to build strength.

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Ready to step up to the next level?  This customized training plan will get you to where you want to be.  Includes a custom nutrition plan, daily accountability and reminders along with a focus on overall wellness. This is the plan to get you beach body ready.

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Are you ready to become part of the elite? Spartan Fit Elite is a 60-Day Total Body Transformation designed to help you Be Spartan Fit.

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