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Weight Loss Bundle

Our Most Popular Products to Help you Lose Weight!

Weight Loss Bundle

The perfect mixture of exercise and supplementation to help you burn stubborn fat.

A Bundle That Works for You!

Fat Burning requires a mixture of dietary control and exercise. Using our supplements and home equipment help you get to your ideal body.

Leonidas Blend Pre-Workout

Our unique blend offers 310mg of Caffeine and is specifically formulated to maximize endurance, focus, and recovery. It gives you the energy and vitality you need to get up and move!

Spartan Shred

An Advanced Thermogenic fat-burning formula containing a synergistic blend of nine ingredients to support fat loss in multiple pathways.

Tangle-Free Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump Roping is one of the easiest and most convenient workouts that can help you burn hundreds of calories every hour. Our Jump Ropes are height adjustable.

The Core 4 of Fat Burning

🤸Get Active🤸  

60 Minutes of exercise can help you burn the extra calories you need. Check out our Home Gym Kit.

💪🏽 Reliable Supplements 💪🏽

Essential Supplements can be crucial in speeding up permanent weight loss.

🎯 Good Quality Sleep 🎯

Inadequate sleep promotes appetite and increased weight gain.



🔥 Stay Motivated 🔥

Consistency and Motivation are key to getting you to your ideal look.

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Burning Fat is Tricky.

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