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Spartan Fit Nutrition: Leonidas Blend

Leonidas Blend features a blend of the highest-grade ingredients to maximize your athletic performance while eliminating your post-workout crash. Our unique blend offers 310mg of Caffeine and is specifically formulated to maximize endurance, focus, and recovery. It gives you the energy and the feeling you need to get up and move!


Maximized Nutrition:  

Leonidas Blend is a high-grade formulation featuring a variety of supplements for a well-rounded workout regimen. Naturally sourced Caffeine, Guarana, Creatine, and Amino Acids work towards maximizing your energy, endurance, and recovery. Ashwagandha and Taurine work throughout the day to improve focus and long term protein synthesis. 

Fast Dissolving and Absorption: 

Leonidas Blend is Spartan Berry Flavored and can be stirred/blended with the drink of your choice within a minute. Our micronization process allows even mixing throughout your drink for quick absorption into the bloodstream and maximizing pump, focus, and endurance.

Raw and Natural: 

Pre-Workout Blend contains the highest grade Amino Acids, Caffeine, Vitamins, and NATURAL flavorings. This product is certified as Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, and Soy Free. Every batch is laboratory tested to guarantee the highest quality Supplement.

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