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Covid-19 Pandemic: Tips for Staying Active at Home

As more cases of coronavirus keep popping up every day, governments are requesting people to continue staying at home in self-isolation. Public areas like gyms are also locked in a bid to enforce the social distancing rule.

While staying at home is a good safety measure, it may result in you adopting a sedentary lifestyle. How do you ensure that you continue working out even without access to a fitness center?

5 Tips for Staying Active at Home

Find a routine and stick to it

The World Health Organization recommends that you should do at least 150 minutes’ worth of moderate-intensity physical activity on a weekly basis.1 You need to be consistent in your workout and that’s only possible if you have a routine.

Create a weekly workout plan and then decide when would be the best time to work out, e.g. early mornings or the evenings. If possible you could schedule your workout during the time you would normally visit the gym.

Focus on exercises that you can do at home

The key to a consistent fitness routine is to do what you can when you can, where you can. Don’t halt your workout sessions because you have no access to a gym but instead focus on exercises that can easily be done at home.

For instance, if you are trying to build muscle, you could do quads, planks, pushups, straight leg deadlifts, basically simple exercises that don’t require machines.

Track your workouts

Working out in a gym is so much easier than home workouts; there are many amenities to choose from. Whether you prefer a cardio machine, the weights or a treadmill, you will find them all in one place. Home workouts, on the other hand, are limited in terms of what you can accomplish.

How can you keep yourself motivated?  Track your workouts! Use fitness trackers or keep written entries. Seeing your progress will keep you motivated.

Follow an online workout class

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for fitness enthusiasts to bring the gym right to your home.  If you’re having difficulties coming up with a routine and sticking to it, you should consider joining an online workout class.

The sessions are usually structured and can be done at home with ease. 

Stay on the Move

Even though you are homebound, find a way of sneaking movement into your routine. Instead of looking at workouts as a must-do activity, try and fit in your normal routine. Move around your house more and exercise during periodical breaks.

Create effective home workout routines

Find out if your fitness trainer is offering virtual classes and join or use YouTube videos as inspiration. Think of all the progress you had made before the coronavirus hit and ask yourself if you’re willing to lose all those gains.


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