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The Benefits of Supplementing L-Carnitine for Athletes

The first thing you should do before buying pre-workout supplements is to critically analyze the ingredients; are they safe for consumption? Do they pose more dangers than benefits? Most importantly, will they help you achieve your end goal? Admittedly, most ingredients come with complex names and L-carnitine is one of them.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in the body and is widely favored by athletes. This supplement can be found in foods such as soybean, avocado, and red meat. There are trace amounts of this amino acid in your blood and liver, with the skeletal muscles containing more than 96% of naturally produced L-carnitine.

Benefits of L-carnitine -- What Does L-Carnitine Do?

As an athlete, how does supplementing L-carnitine help you? Here are 4 benefits!

  1. Boosts sports performance

Studies have shown that L-carnitine supplementation boosts sports performance in athletes.1 One review showed that L-carnitine could boost your endurance when running on a graded treadmill.2 This is mostly due to the fact that it boosts metabolism by optimizing your body’s fat usage.

Research has also shown that using L-carnitine for at least 6 weeks results in a reduction of muscle damage caused by high-intensity exercise.3

  1. Aids with weight loss

This supplement helps in the transportation of fatty acids throughout the body into the cells where they are then converted into energy. L-carnitine supplementation can help you lose weight by increasing the amounts of calories being burned.

By boosting your athletic performance, this supplement enables you to work out for longer thereby increasing the number of fats your body burns in a single workout session.

  1. Metabolic function

The main role of L-carnitine in the body is to move fatty acids into the mitochondria. Mitochondria are essential parts of the cells that help with metabolism. Essentially, these cells break down fats and convert them into energy.

Simply put, L-carnitine increases the metabolic functions of your body leading to an increase in the amount of energy being produced.

  1. Boosts brain function

L-carnitine increases metabolic functions in all body cells including the brain cells. By doing so, it is said to either slow down, stop, or reverse some brain disorders. In one study, this supplement was given to participants who had experienced a decline in their mental functions.4

After a year, it was discovered that those who took L-carnitine experienced a slower rate of decline as opposed to those who took a placebo. This supplement has also been said to increase the rate of recovery for people with substance abuse issues.

More L-carnitine benefits for athletes

In addition to helping you with your athletic performance, L-carnitine also has cardiovascular benefits, helps with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.

TheLeonidas Blend comes packed with high-quality ingredients so that you can get the energy and motivation you need to work out and stay healthy.

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