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5 Ways Taurine Supplements Are Beneficial to Your Health

Trying to hit a new workout record after a particularly long performance slump can be frustrating. This is why most people turn to supplements for that much needed boost. Taurine supplements are especially popular but what exactly is taurine?

What Does Taurine Do

Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid that is naturally produced by the body and is also available in foods such as fish and meat. This then begs the question; why should you take taurine supplements? Here are 5 of its health benefits!

  1. Taurine helps in metabolism of fat

Taurine aids in digestion by assisting the liver to generate bile salts. These salts are essential in breaking down the fatty acids in your intestines and excess cholesterol. On average, your body breaks down about half a gram of cholesterol per day.

Your body’s main way of reducing cholesterol is by converting it into bile. For this to happen, amino acids such as taurine are vital.

  1. Taurine reduces stress levels

Taurine is one of the lesser known neurotransmitters1 and has an ability to calm the nervous system. Low taurine in the body results in hyper-responsiveness to stressful situations, which then triggers anxiety.  Your thoughts start to spiral out of control and you start experiencing a spike in adrenaline and stress levels.

As an amino acid, taurine aids in the production of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps your body manage anxiety.

If you constantly suffer from anxiety, you should consider increasing your taurine intake.  

  1. It improves cardiovascular health

The journal of cardiology conducted a study in which patients with heart failure received 500mg of taurine thrice a day and a placebo on some.2

After 2 weeks, the patients that were administered with taurine experienced an increase in functional mobility and exercise capabilities while those that received a placebo showed no significant changes.

The benefits of taurine on cardiovascular health are impressive,with the most notable one being that it lowers blood pressure.

  1. Taurine aids in physical performance

Using taurine supplements will not only improve your performance in sports but also enhance your endurance. Engaging in intense workout exercise is by no means an easy feat and at some point you will get overly exhausted.

Supplements with taurine, especially if administered during the workout, tend to counter the loss of your body’s natural taurine, increasing the time it takes for your energy levels to diminish. Taurine also helps in burning of body fat and accelerates our recovery time.

  1. Taurine protects against brain aging

As you age, the taurine levels in your brain also decrease. This then results in a reduction of cognitive abilities which is why old age sometimes comes with memory loss.

Taurine supplements help in improving memory by increasing your attention span and reasoning capabilities. It has also been said to stimulate growth of brain neurons.

Other Taurine Supplement Benefits

Other benefits of taurine include protecting your eyes by repairing the retina and improving sleep by calming the nervous system. Before buying your workout supplements, ensure that you analyze the ingredients and be on the lookout for taurine.

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