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Added Sugars Pose These Hidden Dangers to Your Health

According to research1, an average American’s calories intake comprises about 15% added sugars. 

Natural sugar that can be found in carbohydrate-rich foods is healthy as your body converts it into energy.  However, the same cannot be said about added sugars that manufacturers use on their products to increase the shelf life or improve flavor.

Why Is Added Sugar Bad

Are added sugars really healthy? Here are 5 ways added sugars are harmful to your health.

Added sugars increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases

Heart disease is the number 1 cause of worldwide deaths2and a high sugar diet has been known to cause cardiovascular diseases. 

Added sugars increase risk factors such as high blood pressure and obesity, and can sometimes lead to atherosclerosis, a disease caused by arteries clogged with fatty deposits. 

They may result in weight gain

Obesity cases are on an all-time high and lifestyle choices are one of the leading causes. Most beverages including soda and juice contain fructose, a type of added sugar that tends to raise your hunger levels. This then results in you eating more food which in turn brings about excessive weight gain.

Consuming too much fructose also leads to leptin resistance, a vital hormone that acts as a hunger indicator and tells your body when to stop. 

Added sugars also contain triglycerides, a fat that increases risks of heart diseases when the levels are too high

Increase your risks of diabetes

Excessive added sugar consumption leaves you susceptible to type 2 diabetes. For starters, obesity is a risk factor for diabetes but most importantly, prolonged consumption of added sugars results in insulin resistance. 

Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pancreas and helps with the regulation of blood sugar. If your body resists it, your blood sugar levels will spike, leaving you susceptible to  diabetes. 

Lack any nutritional value

The only thing you get from consuming food with added sugars is excess calories and extra sugar that your body doesn’t need. Added sugars offer your body no nutritional value and by consuming them, you starve your body of other important nutrients and vitamins. 

Repeated consumption of added sugars also result in tooth decay and without proper oral hygiene, you risk getting cavities. 

Drain your energy

Foods with high levels of added sugars may lead to an energy surge but it is usually short-lived. Your body will experience a brief increase in insulin and blood sugar but this energy boost is followed by a sudden drop, mostly known as a crash. 

These fluctuations of energy levels are energy-draining and you may end up feeling more exhausted than you previously were. 

Avoid the above added sugar dangers

Products with added sugars may have a better flavor but they come with a myriad of health effects. Replace processed foods with healthy nutritious meals and ensure your workout supplements are sugar-free. Additionally, you should strive to eat home-cooked meals to reduce your added sugar intake.

However, not all supplements contain added sugars, ourpre-workout supplementThe Leonidas Blend, has NO added sugars and No carbs so you have NO excuse not to work out. It also helps balance your testosterone so that you can get the energy and motivation you need to workout and stay healthy.

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